Benefits of Facial Massage (Benefits of Facial Massage)

Facial Massages is a way that can be done manually. Or even facial massage shop The massage faces are stimulating the point on the face and shoulders

Can use oil or balm lotion and facial massage with rollers Or Guase

Facial massage helps promote skin health. Is a face muscle relaxation Makes it feel relaxed and refreshed, making you feel comfortable

Whether you want to massage the face to relax Or maintain only that Can do This article will talk about the benefits. And things to know about all facial massage

How many types of facial massage are

There are many types of facial massage that can be done manually. Or give a massage expert to be

  • Yellow drainage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Guza
  • Swedish
  • heal
  • sinus
  • Press
  • While the facial massage technique consists of

  • Cupping
  • Digital or Knuckle Kneading
  • Folding
  • Effleurage
  • Vibrations
  • Tapping
  • Jacquet Pinching
  • Benefit from facial massage

    Here are the benefits of a proven duty that has a real effect

    1. Facial massage, reduce wrinkles

    The main advantage of facial massage is Can improve the overall appearance of the skin

    There is a small study in 2017 to study the efficiency of the face massage involving facial massage tools. And the anti-aging cream on the face And the neck for 8 weeks, the effect of the cream will improve when used in conjunction with facial massage Saw improvements in wrinkles Sagging And better texture

    The researchers also studied the results of the face massage for 10 days of skin exfoliation. Massage samples with an anti-aging cream 2 times a day, 1 minute, compared to the use of anti-aging creams. Without massage Massage results in the skin’s protein to be stimulated. And is a good anti-aging

    2. Facial massage, reduce pressure in the sinus cavity

    If it is a non-infection sinusitis Or acute type Face massage can relieve sinus pressure. And feeling discomfort

    Face massage in sinus may help promote mucus drainage. Relieve headaches And increase circulation But also requires a scientific study to confirm the results of reducing the pressure in the sinus cavity

    3. Facial massage, reduce acne

    Skin stimulation with massage can help promote blood circulation. And reduce acne There is evidence of research found that Massage in the improvement of acne is limited

    Some people may use olive oil facial massage. To treat acne The results are different. If interested, try massage in a small area. Before massage all over the face

    Do not violent with the face. Or use skin polish Especially in the delicate area

    4. TMJ relief facial massage

    For those who have health problems, TMJ joints may feel the discomfort that the jaw or face causes headaches, ear pain and jaw pain

    It is recommended that Massage, stimulation points may help relieve molar muscles that are tight or painful. This symptom may be caused by chewing teeth or using too many jaws

    Massage to relieve the symptoms of TMJ will be more effective. When combined with the management

    5. Front massage makes the skin shine

    The face massage is just a wizard that makes the skin glow in the research in 2002, found that 59% of women who have received the face massage report that feels refreshed and energetic

    Approximately 54% helps soften the skin. While 50% found that the skin is firmer There are many evidence that Face muscle stimulation can help to tighten the skin. Loosen the muscles And increase blood circulation

    6. The face massage makes the blood flow well

    The use of facial massage rollers is good for the blood circulation of the skin. Which will improve the overall skin health

    Have studied in the year 2018, those who massage the front with a roller for 5 minutes, causing the blood circulation to be special for 10 minutes. Helps to clear the blood circulation on the face clearly

    7. Face massage makes youthful face

    Facial massage can help loosen the skin’s tension while increasing relaxation and skin health

    Research in 2018, studied facial massage efficiency with the machine To stimulate skin rejuvenation Facial massage machine provides results in increasing the thickness of the face muscles. And facial area When facial massage 30 seconds a day for 8 weeks

    8. Facial massage helps the scar

    If it is in the treatment of scars Massage is very useful. Massage in scar tissue And the surrounding area Will help increase blood circulation And relax the tissue Makes the scar smooth

    Facial massage can help relieve symptoms such as pain, itching and hurt when pressing the study in 2014, found that massage therapy is effective in reducing pain. And itching on the skin At the same time, it can improve the appearance of the scar. Especially the scar from the fire

    Facial massage summary

    Facial massage is a treatment method. And effectively restore the face Can provide great benefits Which can be done manually Or allow the experts to make treatments

    Should improve the face with anti-aging cream, coupled with facial massage To help improve your skin condition For the skin that is beautiful And have good health

    For the overall health, good should massage the face along with good dining. And regular exercise

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