Bone pillow overcharge cyatica (SCIATICA)


Sciatica means the pain that spread along the path of the Sciatic Nerve, which is branched from the lower back through the hips and the bottom down on each leg. Usually this pain will affect only one body

Pain caused by mobile bone pillows Bone spur on the spine Or stenosis of the spine To a partial nerve press Causes pain inflammation and often have tea

Although the hip pain is severe But most patients are cured by treating without surgery within a few weeks But for those who have severe pain related to the weakness of the legs Or intestinal changes Or bladder may have to undergo surgery

Symptoms of Cyoca

Cytica pain will spread from the lower spine (waist) to the bottom and after the legs, which is the highlight of the pain caused by nerve pressure pillows. Causing the patient to feel unwell And pain in areas with nerves Especially after the bottom Go to the butt and back of the thighs and calves

The pain for cystica has many levels together. Since a little pain until feeling pain Sometimes it may feel like being hit Or electric shock, cough or sneezing will hurt And sitting for a long time may cause more severe symptoms Normally the body will be affected by the single cystica

Some people still have tea. Tingling Or muscle weakness Or feet affected Which may have symptoms for both pain And tea together

Causes of Saica

Severe hip pain from cyatika Occurred when the sedative nerves were pressed over Usually caused by the bone pillow in the spine Or by abnormal bone growth (Bone) on your spine too And the less found is The nerves are compressed by tumors. Or receive damage from diseases such as diabetes, etc

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The risk of causing pain from cytika is

  • Age: Changes related to age in the spine, such as mobile bone pillows And the spur is the most common cause of cytika pain
  • Obesity: Obesity can increase stress on the spine. Excessive body weight can lead to Changes in the spine that causes pain
  • Occupation: Jobs that need to move after twists Or drive for a long time Can cause this symptom
  • Sit for a long time: People who sit for a long time or have a regular way of life, tend to be more hip pain than moving frequently
  • Diabetes: This condition affects the way the body will use blood sugar. Will increase the risk of nerve damage


Although most people will recover from the hip pain from cytika Without treatment But sometimes these symptoms can damage the nerves permanently. With the following signals

  • Lose the feeling of the affected legs
  • Be weak
  • Lose intestinal function Or bladder

Prevention Syanta

There is no way to prevent the nervous bone pillow. But after taking care of these suggestions Can reduce the risk that can happen

  • Working regularly To be strong Pay special attention to the core muscle exercise – abdominal muscles And the lower back, which is necessary for gestures And appropriate alignment In everyday life
  • Maintain the right gesture when you sit By choosing a seat that has a good backrest, good accommodation, arms and rotation base There may be a backward pillow. To maintain normal curves Including keeping knees And hips in the correct position
  • Use a good body mechanism If standing for a long time Make one foot on the chair Or a small box Occasionally And when you raise heavy Let the lower arm work Scroll straight up and down to the back and bend the knee only. Hold the baggage near the body Avoid lifting And twist together If the item is too heavy, should find someone to help. Or use a strong machine

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