Chlorhexidine chlorsezidine

Chlorhexidine is used to treat gingivitis. Helps reduce inflammation (red marks) and swelling of the gums and reduce bleeding

Gingivitis caused by bacteria that grow in the enamel. (Plaque) that forms on your teeth during brushing teeth Chlorhe Sidine helps to destroy the bacteria. Therefore preventing the gingivitis Brushing the teeth and using the appropriate teeth are still necessary and important for good dental health

Importantly, there must be a prescription of dentists or doctors only, so it can be used

Before using

In deciding to use chlorseyzidine Must take into account the risk of drug use compared to the good results to receive And this is the factor that your doctor must see if you need to use this drug or not:


Let the doctor know if you have allergic to this drug or other drugs. Or abnormal symptoms from this drug or any drug And don’t forget to inform your health expert as well. If you have had other types of allergies such as allergic to food, dyes, preservatives or animals for drugs that do not have a medical prescription from a doctor. Should read the label or ingredient in the packaging before eating


From education in women Suggest that this drug is minimal to the baby when in use during breastfeeding

Drug reaction

Although some drugs should not be shared But in other cases May use two different drugs together Although there may be complications occur But in these cases Your doctor may need to change the medicine. Or may require other protection methods Therefore, you should inform the doctor if you are using other drugs that require a medical prescription. Including drugs that do not have to be ordered by doctors

Other reactions

Should not use certain drugs during the time of dining or eating certain types Because it may be an unusual reaction Using alcohol or tobacco with certain drugs may also cause interaction. You should consult, talk to your health professionals about the use of your medication with food that can be eaten or not while using this drug. Including alcohol and tobacco

Other medical problems

Having other medical problems May affect the use of this drug Don’t forget to inform the doctor if you have other medical problems. Especially these symptoms:

  • Have you ever filled the face Chlorseyzidine may cause stains. Which in some cases may not be able to eliminate and may need to change the filling material
  • Gum problems The use of chlorsezidine may cause other gum problems such as periodontitis
  • The use of the rd must

    Should use a mouthwasher after you brushing the teeth and using dental floss Should wash the toothpaste from the mouth with clean water before using mouthwash And should stop eating after using mouthwash

    The cover on the container of the chloreazidine can be used to measure the medicine size 15 ml. (½ Oz) of this drug can only be inserted to the lines defined on the lid. If you do not get mouthwash in its original container Check to make sure that you have the device to measure to measure the correct medication

    After that, Klua Hengzidene in the mouth for 30 seconds, then spit out the drug alone. Do not mix water before use. And do not swallow the drug


    The amount of medicine must be eaten is different in each patient. Follow the doctor’s order or guide on the label. The following information includes the average amount of this drug. If your medication size is different Do not change, but the doctor will order you

    The amount of medicine you use depends on the strength of the drug. In addition, the number of times you eat each day Permission time between quantity And the amount of time you take the drug depends on the medical problems you use

    Find a drug

    If you forget this drug To hurry to use the medicine as soon as possible. However, if it is close to the next time To skip the forgotten and wait for normal drugs And do not increase the dose twice


    Collect medicines in the closed container at room temperature. Away from the heat, freezing, moisture, areas that are directed directly And keep out of the child

    Do not store expired drugs or drugs that do not need to be used anymore


    Chlorhe Siden may have a bitter taste. Do not gather with water immediately after using chlorse. Because doing this will increase the bitterness of the medicine Washing the mouth with water may reduce the efficiency of the drug

    Chlorhehe Siden may cause the taste of the food to change. And sometimes this effect may last for 4 hours after you use mouthwash But in most cases This effect will be less effective when you use the next medication. And when you stop using chlorse Getting your taste will return to normal

    Chlorhaxidene may cause stain and add limestone on your teeth. Brushing teeth with toothpaste with enamel and dental floss every day may help reduce accumulation and limestone stains. In addition, you should go to see the dentist at least every 6 months to clean your teeth and check your gums

    If you think that children with 10 kilograms of weight or less, have swallowing more than 120 ml to ask for help immediately. In addition, if the child of any age drink mouthwash and is intoxicated, such as not clear, sleepy or walking Or stumbling To ask for help immediately

    Side effect

    In addition to the effects of the drug we want There is also an effect of non-formed drugs as well. But not everyone that medicine will have a wrong side effect from its original results. However, you may have to get care from the doctor immediately if you have wrong symptoms. Normally as follows

    1. Signs of allergies (nasal congestion, difficulty, rash, skin, hives, rod or swollen face
    2. Change taste
    3. More limestone
    4. Irritate
    5. Swollen glands in the face or neck
    6. Tip of tongue irritation

    Some side effects may occur normally. And do not need medical treatment These side effects may disappear during treatment. When your body adapts to drugs In addition, your health professionals may provide advice on how to prevent or reduce some side effects. And don’t forget to check with your health professionals if this side effect is not lost or disturbing your daily life

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