How to take care of your tattoo (How to take care of you tattoo)

For people with tattoo patterns Would like to want a tattoo There is always a bright color like a new time. Especially coloring When it was, it was necessary to take care of the tattoo early and prevent the wound from the infection

How to take care of a new tattoo

After tattooing tattoos, the infection is necessary. There may be some painful pain. In general, tattooers will recommend how to take care of themselves after it. The towers should payout the wound from tattoos and when the tattoo is scaly

  1. After a tattoo, the tattooed must close the new tattoo with a clear rap. And before being closed with a thin petroleum gel
  2. After 24 hours, the rap Clear the graze with a mild soap. After that, wipe the area to dry
  3. Applying antibacterial cream / Vaseline Twice No need to use the rap
  4. Wash the light Twice a day with soap and water and gradually The liner is dry before applying antibacterial cream / Vaseline again
  5. Use moisturizer or cream after cleaning to moisturize

Repeat this process for 2 to 4 weeks. Try to wear some airy clothes and lightly refrain from swimming and sunny activities for about 2 weeks and cold shower. Because warm water may make the color fading And can hurt the wound as well

When scaly and disappear Must apply the Physical Blocker sunscreen with a mixture of zinc oxide at least 7% during the daytime. Or try to wear clothes to cover the tattoo before being hit by direct sunlight

If the tattoo is flaked, do not sheep, scratch or decide. Because it will cause infection Or can affect the ink color If found that the infected area should see a doctor for advice

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Yata Tattoo

After a new pattern May be used as Vaseline or B Pantane or nourishing cream to preserve and provide moisture to the skin that has just been hurt Or in some people, if you like nature, can choose coconut oil To preserve and heal wounds In this regard, the wound can be done. But forbidding the sheep into the wound

Additional care

When leaving the shop The ink will be bright, sparkling, but if long, tattooed will fade over time. Therefore, always apply sunscreen with SPF 45 or higher. Especially if faced with direct sunlight Will make the beautiful colors of the round, not fading and staying on your skin for a longer

And provide moisture every day by taking the georizer or petliam gel

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