Lauratadine (Loratadine)

What is Loratadine?

Common name Lauratadine (Loratadine)

Merchant name Allerdine Clarityne Lindine Lorsedin etc

Anti-histamine drugs that do not make sleepiness (Non-Sedating Antihistamines) This group acts through the brain very little. Causing not feeling sleepy Samples of drugs in this group include Sethirisine (Cetirizine) Levisetiri. (LEVOCETIRIZINE) FeSefenadine (Fexofenadine) and Loratadine (Loratadine). In this article, we will discuss Lauratadine that there is an indication. How to use and how to use drugs, side effects and precautions for drug use?

Things to know about Yaloratady

  • Yalotadadine is an anti-allergy drug that is both in the form of capsule tablets and water medicine can be purchased in general pharmacies. But should ask the indication of the pharmacist before using the medicine
  • Lauratadine has anti-substances that are named Heastamine, which is a substance that causes allergic reactions such as sneezing, rash, rash or hives. To alleviate allergic reactions must receive anti-Heena The symptoms will be abate. But if the symptoms do not improve within 3 days, hurry to see a doctor for further treatment
  • If there is a symptom of the hives, especially with skin inflatable skin syndrome. Or there is a hives that are not like itching Should not use such drugs And prohibit using Laurataden together with alcohol or grapefruit because it will cause the side effects of harsh drugs
  • If there is a medical history of hepatitis Or have a serious history, such as having a tight symptom, breasts, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure With swelling according to the face, neck, mouth and drawer, unconsciousness or low blood scales after the use of drugs Should stop the drug and hurry to send an emergency doctor
  • Current allergies There is no medicine to be cured. So can only avoid allergens. If you don’t know what is allergic to allergies Can get allergic to the hospital

Indications of Lauratine Loratadine

To relieve inflammatory mucosa from allergies Acute cold symptoms And itching caused by allergies

Antihistia Loratadine, the active mechanism

Antihistia Loratadine (antihistamines) that is active, fast and long as a kindergose that does not cause sleepiness. Has a inhibition of the secretion of Histine Which is a substance created to combat allergens The drug will be specific to the H1 Receptor at the central nervous system more than H1 Receptor in the nervous system

Size and drug use

  • For children (aged 2-12 years)

Body weight below 30 kg. : 5 mg. Once a day

Body weight for more than 30 kg. : 10 mg. Once a day

Children over 12 years or more, use the same medication as in adults

  • For adults

10 mg. Once a day or 5 mg. 2 times a day

  • In those kidney degeneration

CRCL < 30 ml./ Min: 10 mg.Except day

  • In people with liver problems

Severe: to start 10 mg.Except day

Can eat medicine ready or not with food

Keep in the temperature between 20-25°C keeps away from heat, sunlight and joy

Keep the drug in the original packaging, close the lid and keep from children and pets

And don’t forget to leave the medicine when expiring


If you use overdose, there will be the following symptoms

  • Drowsy
  • Fast heart beat
  • Awake
  • Headache

The fix will be a symptomatic treatment. Perhaps giving ActiveTed Charcoal or wash the belly

Side effects from drug use

Frequently found side effects include

  • tired
  • Headache
  • Paradoxical: Excited Jittery Due to the central nervous system stimulation

Severe side effects include

  • Heart disorders: fast dance heart Low blood pressure
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: dry mouth, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, stomach diarrhea
  • Liver disorders: hepatitis, hepatic necrosis, higher liver enzyme
  • Metabolic disorders and nutritional status: increased appetite Increased weight
  • Neurological disorders: dizziness
  • Skin abnormalities and fat tissue: a rash, hair loss (Alopecia)

Medicine reaction

  • Before the drug should inform the drug list Herbal supplements or vitamins are eating for doctors or pharmacists
  • Should not use Yan Oratadene together with Ranolazine, which is a drug used for the treatment of chronic heart disease
  • Consult a doctor before using Yan Orataden together with
  • Amiodarone
  • Darunavir
  • Dasatinib


Do not use orarthadine in the case

  • Used to have a history of Lauratadine Or De Sala Raithaden (Desloratadine)
  • Those with genetics about the glitches of the body type Phenylketonuria (PKU), will cause the body to lack enzymes in the digestion of phenillan acid. Which the chewing type of oratadene will have phenillan acid as a component
  • Those with renal failure or liver failure
  • If there is a rash or hives that have an unusual inflatable springs or hives without itching Should inform the doctor
  • If within 3 days, the symptoms do not improve after using the drug. Or if the hives for more than 6 weeks should go to see a doctor to find other causes

In pregnant women: Lauratadine is organized as medicine in the group. B is not harmful to the fetus. The drug can be sent through very little milk. Therefore able to breastfeeding while eating such drugs But should be careful if there are adverse reactions such as drowsy balls, difficult to suck, dragged, body weight, reduced, etc. Therefore not suitable to use long-term medication while breastfeeding

The use of Orthadene with grapefruit: grapefruit must be changed in the liver with the same mechanism as Laurataden. Therefore affecting the drug directly May cause unwanted side effects

Using Yalotadadene together with alcohol: Drinking alcohol together with the use of drugs will cause dizziness, dry mouth, dry eyes, which may affect vision. Therefore should avoid sharing

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