Two Rip Tai Leen (What is Nortriptyline)

Two Rip Tai Lean With the English name Nortriptyline With a chemical formula, C19H21N is used to treat mental or emotional problems such as depression may help improve emotions. And feeling comfortable Relieve anxiety And tension And increase your energy level This drug is in the drug group called tricyclic depression. It works by affecting the balance of certain neurological chemicals in the brain

Properties and properties of the North Rip Tai Lean

Tiny Rip Taiylene is a tricyclic depression that is used to treat depression in various ways in the short term. Rip Tylene Block Receiver Norepinephrine presynaptic, so it is a blocking of this nervous media. And increase the concentration in Synaptic Clef in CNS Nortriptyline Still catching with the receiver Alpha-Adrenergic, Histaminergic and Cholinergic Long-term treatment Double Rip Taiylene causes AdRenergic receiver to adjust due to the increasing stimulation of these receivers

How to use the routine Rip Taiylene

Please take this medication under the advice of the doctor. Normally, the route Rip Tai Leen will eat 1 – 4 times a day or as prescribed by the doctor. If the pen is rip, Tylene, liquid form To measure the drug size carefully By using standard measurement devices In order to get the correct amount

The quantity of the routine drip Tyeline depends on health considerations. And treatment response by doctors

Use the route Rip Tai Leen according to the doctor’s advice. And do not stop eating manually Because it will make these symptoms worse, such as the mood, changing, headache, fatigue and sleep change Normally, doctors will gradually reduce the dose in order not to encounter serious side effects. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for more details

This drug may give results after more than 4 weeks. The important thing is to be continuously eaten. And should go to see a doctor if finding abnormalities from the use of Dunes Rip Taiylene

Side effects in the use of tribaline routes

Side effects from the use of the General Rip Tai Tylene are as follows

  • sleepy
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Blurred
  • constipation
  • Increased weight
  • Difficult urine

And the most difficult side effects are Dizziness, shaking, with facial expressions Spasm Severe Sexual needs decreased Major and painful breasts, etc

This routing Rip Tylene may add Ceroninin. Which may cause Seroton’s toxicity If you use other drugs that add Ceronin Therefore, let the doctor or pharmacist know about all the drugs you use

Please see a doctor immediately when there is a serious allergic reactions. Severe Tytiline, including severe dizziness The heart beats fast or abnormal as a faint pain. Visibility has a problem, rash or difficulty, etc

This is just some side effects of the routine triple nurse. May not be covered Therefore, if found disorders from the use of the routine Rip Taiylene Should see the doctor as well

Precautions for using the routine Rip Tai Lean

Before using the route Rip Tai Leen, please inform the doctor or pharmacist. Or other tricyclic depression (such as amitriptyline) including other drugs And inform the treatment history, especially breathing problems, liver problems, heart attack Urine problems (such as due to growing prostate) Thyroid work is overloaded. (Hyperthyroidism) seizures, mental health problems, etc

Double Rip Tylene, liquid format may have alcohol. Should be careful if you are diabetes, alcohol, liver disease or other symptoms That makes it limited to the use of alcohol Therefore, let the doctor know if there are these problems

If you are diabetic Rip Tai Leen may make the blood sugar control more difficult. Please check your blood sugar level regularly. And inform the doctor about the results of blood sugar levels

Rip Tai Tylene may affect the pregnancy. And breastfeeding Therefore, consult a doctor in detail if the routine is required

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