Clindamycin How to use and properties

What is Clindamycin?

Clindamycin is an antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections. And stop the growth of bacteria in the body Commonly used to treat inflammatory acne Dermatitis Infection in bone joints Respiratory infection Oral infections, abdominal channels Or treat bacteria in the vagina Besides being used as a medication directly Can also be used in conjunction with other antibiotics To increase treatment efficiency

The properties of Clindamycin

Sin hygiene medicine has properties to treat diseases caused by bacterial infections. Is an antibiotics (Disinfectant), one type of action inhibits the growth of bacteria

Clindamycin medicine for treatment for bacterial infection only But not active for virus infection If not controlling the use of antibiotics well May be the cause of future resistance

How to use Clindamycin

  • Sin hygiene medicine must be used as prescribed by doctors. And strictly follow the instructions on the label Do not adjust the amount of drugs. When taking the medicine To drink water according to about 1 glass to prevent irritation The amount of drugs that are in the form of water, use the syringes, spoons, drugs or cups for specific water medicine
  • Muscular injection Sin hygiene medicine can sometimes use injecting muscle. Or the vein Which the injection must have knowledge and understanding of the correct injection method, syringe, injection molding or other equipment for injection that has been used Must be eliminated properly
  • Using in gel and foam forms (There is a hygiene of Sin is a 1% mixture), also known as Clinda M with good bacterial killing properties. Therefore suitable for treating inflammatory acne that looks like a large blister The acne head area has a small white dot. Or called acne, elephants, bacteria p.ACNE is the body that changes the fat layer under the skin. The inflammation is swelling when the white blood cells come to deal with bacteria. Will be born as a pus And lumps, bulging up, becoming a little hill on the skin which if not very inflammation Can be dissolved But if severe symptoms Very swollen, must use Clinda M. to help
  • Caution in using Clindamycin

    In case the user has had allergic reactions, Clindamycin informed the doctor or pharmacist before accepting this drug. The drug may not be the cause of the allergies directly. But as other components Should therefore consult the pharmacist for use information

    In case of symptoms of liver disease, kidney disease, stomach disease / intestinal (Such as intestinal inflammation Bacterial diarrhea) has allergies (such as asthma, skin rash), informing the doctor or pharmacist before using Clindamycin

    The effects of Clindamycin drugs and the effectiveness of the vaccine made of bacteria are certain types. (Such as typhoid vaccine), so should not be vaccinated during this drug Unless the doctor ordered

    Impact on surgery Therefore should inform the doctor or dentist that the patient is using this drug

    The case of the elderly often has side effects. By causing chronic diarrhea

    In pregnant women Or women breastfeeding, the drug may pass to the baby Therefore had to inform the doctor before receiving the medicine

    In case of using acne treatment Should not use Clinda M with acne, acne, acne, acne, stone, because it is not effective in treating acne And also resulting in that area of ​​the area And can make the treatment more

    Side effects from the use of Clindamycin

    When using Sin Health And allergic reactions such as rashes, breathing, scrub, swollen face or other symptoms as specified To take medicine and hurry to see a doctor immediately

  • The excretory system is abnormal, diarrhea, liquid or stool with blood
  • Feel bitter
  • Vertigry, dizziness, muscle without force
  • Dazzling
  • Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting
  • With a sore throat
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