Cole Triama Seoul is an anti-fungal medicine group. Keeping the symptoms of Canida (Candidiasis) both oral, vaginal and external skin such as diaper rashes, Hong Kong feet, indoor rod fabric



Commercial name

Canesten, Canazol Lozenge, Vamazole, Zema Cream

Indication of Coleima Seoul

Treat fungal symptoms Or white mouth Reduce fungus in leukemia patients with low immunity from providing radiation chemotherapy, steroid treatment (immunocompromised) is used to maintain skin infections. Treat vaginal discharge Anti-fungus in the vagina

The active mechanism of Colegrial Seoul

Anti-fungal active It also affects bacteria. Hinder the creation of Ergosterol, which is important to create a fungal membrane (Cell Membrane), causing the absorption of food needed for fungi. Which the drug has both cream, wax, water, powder and tablets for suppositories

Side effects of Coltraim Seoul

May cause adverse reactions such as

  • If using dermatology May cause redness Irritation from drug allergy Swollen dermal, red burning
  • If it is a medicinal May irritate the gastrointestinal, the urine polishing depression, add liver enzymes
  • If it is the mouth inside May cause burns and mouth in the mouth
  • Precaution

  • Do not use in those who have a history of allergies
  • Avoid the touch of eyes
  • Beware of drug use in children under 3 years
  • Drug use in pregnant women Cole Troyma Seoul type tablets is organized in the Category C group. Be careful when using drugs in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. The external type is organized in the Category B group. The drug is quite safe in pregnant women
  • If you are eating food supplements, herbs or vitamins Should inform the doctor or pharmacist before starting to use the drug
  • Should inform the medical history Or the history of allergies to medicines or pharmacists To adjust the size Or the type of medicine to suit you And the most beneficial in the treatment
  • Pharmaceutical storage

    Keep the medicine in place at a temperature below 30 ℃

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