17 ways to deal with stress in 30 minutes or less

17 ways to help you reduce Cortisol Levels

Stress is a body that destroys us. Even though it happens and grows within us But sometimes we can’t control it Sometimes stress impact that the body shows symptoms such as hives, both headache. Or body weight increases in the long term

The only way to manage simple stress is to deal with your own body and mind. Only 10 minutes sleep can help. Because of sleep deprivation that is the cause of that sleepiness Will make you difficult to deal with stress

Tips for releasing stress quickly

  1. Try to smile or laugh— Because smiling can stimulate emotions
  2. Sure you are not sleepy Because it affects the mood
  3. Close all channel phone notifications
  4. Hold anyone
  5. Listen to music Or music that makes you happy

But when the stress occurs during the work in the party or in public Discarding everything and secretly. Nap may not be a good idea. In this condition, stress may make the work full of anxiety. You may have to find ways to deal with both emotions

It is also good that we have a secret to reduce cortisol levels. And if you want to better control the heart rate Try to read how to relieve stress within 5 minutes or maybe it’s less

Or if you have a very big stress problem It may take a longer depending on the tips to relieve stress within 30 minutes or talk to experts to find a solution of common problems

How to relieve stress within 5 minutes or less

1. Know stress

Knowing the stress that happens will help you like lifting the burden to carry it first. Which is the first step in asking for help

The face of stress is an opportunity for us to adjust the mind and is an opportunity to grow another step. The researchers said that our brain will try to learn from the experience, allowing you to better cope in the next time

So try to think that the stress is caused by the accumulated problems or related problems with a long time? If it is not about anything, it may be a signal that shows that your body and mind may need a break

If it is a problem that makes you tired for a long time You may not be able to handle it immediately. Let’s see how to relieve the fast stress of the next

2. Chewing gum

Chewing gum is another good way to help relieve stress. If you have gum in the hand Chewing it for about 3 minutes. There are 101 adult volunteers. Found that those who chewing gum during heavy work are low stress

But don’t chew half in the middle It may just pull the energy inside the gum. There are other studies showing that it may require sensation that is strong enough to relieve stress

3. Drink tea for relaxation

There are many dietary supplements that help to relieve stress and worry. But these may have to be more than a month to see results

However, the rise from the table to the tea is 2-3 minutes. And why have to do a drink to strain Studies show that 1 gram of vinegar takes more than 95 minutes to ferment. While Matcha green tea takes about an hour Although other tea may take at least one hour to see results Therefore try to find tea at the desk For the stressful time to drink

4. Inhalation of essential oils Or the product for fragrance

Inhalation of essential oils will help relieve stress, inside the mind. And insomnia Popular tips is to use odor therapy. (Aromatherapy) It will focus on the balance of emotional brain, and mental health

Popular essential oils for relieving stress include:

  • Lavender
  • rose
  • Vetiver
  • Bergamot
  • Roman Chamomile
  • frankincense
  • Sandalwood
  • Ylang
  • Orange
  • Choose the smell according to personal preference. By dropping essential oils on the cotton wool and bringing 10 minutes to inhale or use the scent distribution for the room or desk to make the smell all the time

    5. Stretching the muscles while working

    It is important to stay during work. When feeling that the work that is doing a hustle and must hurry, but you can’t get out of the desk. You can stretch the muscles while sitting at the desk. It takes only 5 minutes, which stretching muscles helps to relieve injuries or pain and comfort comfortably. The upper body and arms can stretch the following:

    1. Coordinate the hands together, then turn the palms to the top and push up
    2. Strangle for 10 seconds
    3. Make similar characteristics but change to the left and right 30 seconds each and then change the side

    How to suspend stress in 10 minutes

    6. Go out

    Exercise or walking is a good way to relax one. The first step shall escape from the tense situation there. The next step is to exercise that will help the body shed the Endorphins, which is the neurotransmitter that helps you feel warm and enchanted. Or will think that it is a walk to meditate for 2-3 rounds, helping to forget about the previous rails Makes relaxation and concentration

    7. Regular yoga

    Yoga is not a popular exercise for all ages. But also helps to relieve stress, anxiety And can be depressed well There is a research report that Yoga will hinder the occurrence of stress, which will affect the situation that the body must “Fight or escape” Which making yoga regularly can help cortisol levels, blood pressure and lower heart rate By making yoga regularly, only 10 minutes will start a relaxed motion routine

    8. Stress reduction techniques by consciousness

    Sometimes stress is causing unconsciousness. I think it’s bad. One way to escape from such situations In order for you to be conscious of solving problems

    Try this method

  • Close your eyes and explore the body. Pay attention to the feeling
  • Sit down and meditate By focusing on the breath, sound, sensory and emotional, giving it past and passed
  • Change the iron by standing up or walking around
  • Focus on the daily routine, such as drinking water, eating Or brushing
  • 9. Write it out

    Write what makes you stress To help you focus on the idea of ​​good side or find a solution

    Write whatever makes you stressed

  • Ask yourself what happened. What will it be? Perhaps some revealed
  • See if there are some exceptions about your concerns?
  • Save the story that happens and what you learned
  • The solution by how to write it, save it in order to review himself that the stress that happens is something stacked

    10. Try breathing pattern 4-7-8

    Breathing by 4-7-8 method is a good breathing to give oxygen to the body. Which will help increase the power of you Deep breathing will be a way to relax, reduce stress and depression effectively

    How to do: Tap the tongue to the palate. Then hold all the time

    One round of breathing 4-7-8

    1. Open a little lip and exhale with the whistle through the mouth
    2. Gag and breathe through the nose 1-4 in the heart
    3. Then hold the breathing for 7 seconds
    4. Exhale with a whistle for 8 seconds
    5. Practice this breathing will help the brain relax
    6. Breathe in this design of 4 times

    11. Try the emotional release technique (Emotion Freedom Technique: EFT)

    Pressing points or pressing mental points Is a particular method related to the press point (The part of the body with energy flows through traditional Chinese medicine) and talking about the problem will help you acknowledge the problem and accept yourself

    EFT in 5 steps

    1. Stating what is the cause of the stress that occurs
    2. From the level 0-10 to arrange the level that your stress is at any level (10 points is the most stressful)
    3. Design the distance of the problem that For example The stress caused by the last day that must be sent By you understand and accept yourself about the stress that happens
    4. Tapping point 9 points (eyebrows, beside the eyes, under the eyes, on the top, nose, chin, clavicle and south), 7 times, tapping repeatedly, about 2-3 times
    5. Finally, the stress scores after pressing the breath. Find the level of stress to decrease. Touch those points repeatedly. If stress is 0, then don’t have to repeat again

    12. Talking with outsiders

    Whether with yourself or with friends Talking can help reduce stress. Of course, speaking to yourself or talk about your own in the third party perspective. Is a form of self-controlling the negative mood manually There is a research report that the reference to himself in the third-party perspective will allow us to open the view. Looks like someone else looks for us what it is. Like his heart If it is another person, what will he do? This method helps you away from your experience or situation. Is a good thing, making it look at different angles

    How to relieve stress in 30 minutes

    13. Daily exercise

    Previously, we talked about exercising. But it is a fast stay Regular exercises can help develop the body to use oxygen and help you cope with stress better. The benefits of exercise will gradually appear over time. You may feel the difference when making a routine. We recommend that you exercise at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week

    14. Warm bath

    Paying the body after the end of the day is washed. The warm water will help the body shed the entertainment and increases the blood circulation to the skin. In addition, warm water also helps:

  • Better
  • Reduce the risk of heart failure
  • Low blood pressure
  • Burn fat
  • For those with chronic pain The warm bath allows the muscles to relieve and reduce the heat

    15. Cleaning the table or plate

    Arranging the place or clearing the area Cleaning, resulting in a calm mind There is a study found that students who wash the dishes will have a peaceful mind and good mood if you don’t have time to clean. To take this opportunity to deal with the rice or clean one by one For example If you have a lot of clothes that need to wash Try to wash when there is free time

    16. Drainage or meet friends

    Social support is a very effective stress reduction method. Try talking to stress with friends or colleagues. Sometimes in the income that is in a very stressful situation if you try to find problems or tell the story for anyone else. View from others may help you to see the problem clearly

    17. Rolling foam to reduce tension

    Sometimes stress affect the body: may cause rigid muscles until the muscles are born. Which such clues can be developed specifically over time Which you cannot easily relieve such symptoms by exercising or body massage That is the beginning of the foam rolling foam (Foam Rolling) is pressed to the point to achieve stimulation. And send the signal to tell the body to increase the blood circulation to the tense area Or make the muscles loose

    Explore your stress thoroughly

    The invisible stress is true and it can lead to chronic stress. Sometimes may not be observed. Because it has always been there Like a mole on the face, however, changing the mole Sometimes it may take time. Stress as well If you notice the change or find yourself more easily stimulated with a small voice or general mistake Consider whether you may want to relax and calm the mind. Or sometimes it is very big Chronic stress may increase mental health risks such as depression and anxiety

    If the above mentioned method cannot help you cope with stress Try to consult a specialist

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