Cold Compress: Things to know about cold compresses

Benefits of cold compresses

Ice (ICE) can reduce swelling and inflammation as well as helping to stop the blood. The cooling will cause blood circulation to be limited. Which will cause numbness Including relieving the bruises as well

You can collect cool compress pads in the first aid kit at home. Or in the car for an emergency The cold compress has chemicals that will be stimulated when starting

In addition, we can also compress with the materials that can be found in your own home. Even if you don’t like to wear ice in the drink But collecting ice in the freezer is a good idea. That is because ice bags can help make cold compresses quickly and easily

Read this article to learn about cold compresses

How to do and use the cool compress gel manually

In making cold compresses, there must be the following

  • Ice (or frozen vegetables)
  • flannel
  • water
  • Plastic bag
  • towel
  • Step 1: Put the cube ice into a plastic bag. Or use frozen food instead of ice If using frozen vegetables Should use small vegetables In order to have a chance to experience the skin If needing to use frozen food bags To fill the ice tray during this To help with further ice

    If there is no ice can use the cold towel

  • Dip the towel in the cold water and put it into a sealed plastic bag
  • Bring a bag to soak the hard slot 15 minutes
  • Cooling compresses from wet towels may be more comfortable for the subtle areas such as eyes

    Step 2: Use the towel moistened with cold water and then taken around the ice plastic bag. May be dipped in the ice bucket to increase the cold

    Step 3: Use the cool compress you for yourself. Approved area for about 20 minutes

    Step 4: After the cold compress Should wipe the area dry with a towel Because there may be a soluble ice

    Can make a cold compress every 2 hours. To reduce swelling pain

    How to reduce swelling And injured with a cold compress

    Cold compresses help reduce the injury in the first 48 hours. However, it should be maintained as soon as possible

    Avoid cold compresses for over 20 minutes. Should rest at least 20 minutes before the compress again. If the injury is not better within 48-72 hours. Should see the doctor To perform proper treatment

    And should follow the main Rice if you are injured

    Rest rest rest

    Avoid the use of injured parts. Act activities only

    Ice cold compress

    Cold compress in the injured area To reduce inflammation and bruises

    Compress the press

    Thousands of that area with flexible bandages And should keep flexible bandages in first aid kit

    Elevate is high

    Trying to raise the injury to the heart To reduce swelling, for example, if you hurt the legs to sleep And put the legs on the pillow And can do this with the injured arm as well

    We can also use non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) such as IBOPOPOPE or Tylinol to help enhance inflammation. When cooking with cold compresses

    Cold compress to reduce fever and others

    We can use cold gel compress. Or a cool compress, every part in the body, including the lower back, forehead and other injuries that can be alleviated with cold compresses are as follows

  • Headache
  • Tight muscle
  • Gout pain
  • Sprain
  • Inflititis
  • fever
  • Allergy symptoms born to the eye
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Cold compress can be used for both adults and children. But please be careful in using with babies. They may not be able to withstand very cool temperatures. May have to use a cloth moistened with cold water instead

    Caution of cold compressation methods

    Cold compress is the easiest way to treat injuries. But may have an impact If used incorrectly

  • Do not use ice and skin directly. Because it is able to stick to And can cause pain
  • Do not soak the ice one area for too long. Because it may cause swelling
  • Do not use cold compresses for serious injuries. The body cannot remediate with a cold compress. If severe injury
  • Do not put ice in the area with a decrease. Or tea from diabetes or Raynaud disease’S Syndrome, including for long-term injuries such as arthritis, chronic irritation And the stiffness of the joints Should use heat to increase blood circulation
  • Summary of cold compresses

    Everyone must have been injured. And muscle pain in life Cold compresses that take just a few minutes Can help relieve immediately if the symptoms are not too severe We can make cold compress sets from home items such as frozen vegetables, packing bags. Or even frozen towels There should also be a cold compress gel. Or a cold compress in the first aid set in an emergency

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