Limestone, island, bone, ear otosclerosis

What is the limestone?

Limestone (Otosclerosis) is the cause of hearing loss. Which is caused by small bone problems (OSSICLES) that sends vibrations through the middle ear causing hearing Usually the limestone islands, the ears are often caused by both ears. But in some cases may only occur with the ear only

  • Normally, the limestone islands, this ear, often occurred during the age of 15-35 years, but sometimes it can occur in young children
  • Female is twice as affected by males
  • Pregnancy is not the cause of the limestone. But if pregnant may cause more severe people And the symptoms are often found in pregnant women

Currently, the medical still cannot find the true cause of the disease. Otosclerosis. However Cables, do not occur from listening to music, loudly or working in a loud environment

The ear island, the ears occur due to the creation of abnormal bones in small bones. Middle ear bone area Without knowing the exact cause But may be caused by many factors such as:

  • Genetic factors
  • Complications from infection
  • Low fluoride level

Hat symptoms

  • Hearing loss
  • Heard only when people speak loudly
  • Can only hear the sound from the body
  • Dizziness
  • The body cannot maintain the balance

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is the main symptom of deaf ear disease. The initial hearing loss may remain not severe. But the symptoms will gradually worse and may occur with both ears. But not always In some people, it may take several years than the symptoms will be worse. But in some cases, the loss of hearing will be worse quickly. If not treated The affected ears often lose a totally hearing

What is the cause of limestone?

Error generation

The bone is a living tissue and has a cell that is nourishing the bones. Normally, the bone cells will be destroyed and will create new cells. But the bone island limestone The process of creating cells in bone bones in the middle ear is an error. The new bone may be an abnormality, thus causing limestone of the ear bone

Caused by genetic or not

Genetic factors Ah will be a part that causes this disease

Is the virus associated with this disease?

It is believed that the virus may have one cause that can cause this disease as well

Low level fluoride

It is also possible that low level fluoride may be related to the occurrence of limestone. From the survey when people drink fluoride The occurrence of the disease seems to be down

Things that are affected in otosclerosis?

Most otosclerosis affects small bones (Ossicle) called stirrup (stapes) to have normal hearing. Bones must be able to move freely to respond to sound waves. In osteoporosis The abnormal bone material will grow up around the stapes of the steps, which is attached to the cowzel is usually the beginning of the condition. Unusual bones help reduce cartilage movements. Which will help reduce the amount of sound passed to the neck The growth of the unusual bone is gradual. However, finally the staples can be pinned or melted with the bones of the neck. Which may cause severe hearing loss Hearing loss is called conductive hearing loss. Because the vibration of the sound cannot be processed (passed) from the steps to the cattle

In most cases It is just a step that is affected. However, sometimes over time. Otosclerosis may affect the bone shell of the neck and neurons that are inside. If this is the case Damage to neuroscience cell means that nerve transmission to the brain may be affected. Other types of hearing loss called sensory hearing loss can occur

Treatment of limestone bone

Use the hearing aid

If the loss of hearing is not very severe Patients may not need any treatment. But if the period passed, the loss of hearing was bad May need to find other ways to treat or relieve symptoms


The general surgery will change the artificial bones made of plastic or metal. This surgery is called Stapedotomy

However, this procedure is very delicate. And there is a slight risk that the surgery will fail and may be completely deaf In addition, there is a risk to destroy other nerves during surgery and causing interference on balance. Or the taste of the patient

Some people decided to stick to hearing aids because there is no risk of these side effects

In general, hearing loss may occur due to age and time. If the symptoms worse Causing unable to use daily life as usual May need to consult a doctor to find the appropriate treatment path

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