What is CT Scan?

The CT scanner will bring extra-x-ray devices to connect to computers that are capable of working complex. To create details of every image in the body that you want to scan The X-ray machine will shoot multiple images from different angles of the area that needs to scan the body. After that, the computer will connect those images together. Making it possible to see the image in the area that is scanning thoroughly Our scanners can scan up to 64 images with the Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASIR) technology that provides high image quality. And the amount of radiation has a very little impact on the body

How to check the CT scanning?

In this method The technical radiation will let you lie down on the cushion on the table of the CT machine. Then will move the seat where you lie in the scanner. But before scanning The technical radiation will leave the examination room. But will still communicate with you all the time via the intercom system

While being scanned, you may have to hold breath and act as a moment. You may hear the CT scanner. Rotate while the table you lie is moving through the scanner slowly

Sometimes (which is mostly) CT scanning needs to inject contrast. (The substance that makes it visible to the more obvious scan) into the veins Which will focus on the area of ​​the body that is studying And will help the radiator to see those areas clearly

The average mechanical ct is about 15-30 minutes, but in reality it may take less than 5 minutes

If you have a history of defeating contrast To inform the doctor and the radiation techniques that are scanned Which doctors may have to give certain drugs in advance before injecting contrast to you To prevent allergies

After doing CT Scan, you can come back to do activities in everyday life as usual. And you should drink without caffeine or without Aoh, such as water and fruit juice To help clear the contrast from your body

How to know the results of the SCT scan?

Your scan results will be analyzed by our technical radiation. And the results will be sent to your doctor. (Usually it takes within 48 hours). The results will be published to My Health Portal. After receiving the results of the scan The doctor will make an appointment to discuss with you about what is seen from scanning. And guidelines for further treatment (In the case of a reason to do treatment)

Preparing and performing before entering the CT scan

Our department staff atrius Health Imaging will contact you to check. And ask questions for safety Which is screening and providing advice on preparing At this stage, it will be done before the scan of about 48-72 hours. Inquiry and must be answered before scanning is extremely important. If you have to take the medicine as the doctor ordered, please eat. Unless otherwise received advice

If you have just changed about life insurance or health insurance Or if you have done an organ that is going to do this scan before May you please inform the staff about the matter as well

The life insurance company that you insure Must approve you to check and submit this approval to your doctor before you check with CT

In the event that you have the following conditions You may have to check the blood before you have to inject contrast. To do the CT scan

  • 60 years of age
  • High blood pressure
  • There is a history of the family in the family. Or kidney tumors (cancer) or used toiletry Or only one kidney
  • Diabetes
  • Precautions (very important): If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant You must inform your doctor or the technical radiation technique before doing the CT scan

    Practice when entering CT Scan

    On the date of the CT examination, you will be requested to fill and sign the screening document. To make sure you are ready and safe for checking

    We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes without metal or zipper. You may be requested to change the clothes as a set of hospitals. If so, there will be a locker in the changing room for the safety of storing your personal use

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