What is a limestone? (Dental Plaue)


The limestone stains are characterized as a sticky film that forms on the teeth every day: is a non-slip-coating throughout the toothpaste can be touched every time you wake up

Scientists call the limestone stains that "Biological film" Because it is a source of living microorganisms Looks like a sticky polymer layer. Sticky coating allows microorganisms to stick to the surface in your mouth. To be able to grow into many commas

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The difference between limestone stains and limestone according to the teeth

If not removing limestone stains on a regular basis Will cause the accumulation of various substances in saliva and this substance is solid as a white substance Or yellow called tartar Or limestone according to the teeth

Limestone according to the teeth will be formed along the gum in front. And the back of the teeth If using a good dental floss, it may cause the plaque to come out. But may have to see a doctor to get rid of it all

Cement stains are caused by

The mouth is a thriving ecosystem. Bacteria and other organisms will occur when eating, drinking and breathing, most of this balance is sensitive and will be in the oral ecosystem. But the problem may occur when some bacteria have too many species

When eating carbohydrates Food and beverages with sugar Bacteria will eat sugar and produce acid up in the mouth. These acids may cause problems such as cavities, gingivitis. And tooth problems in other forms

Can decay from the limestone can occur Even under the gums Which cannot be noticed May be swallowed from the grinding of the teeth

Diagnosis of limestone stains

Most limestone stains are not colored. Or pale yellow Dentists will use small mirrors to detect limestone stains in oral examination

How to remove limestone stains

The removal of limestone can be done by brushing the teeth. And use dental floss on a regular basis Should use a soft toothbrush Some dentists may recommend using an electric toothbrush because it is more effective in removing limestone stains

And toothpaste to reduce limestone with baking soda as an ingredient It is effective in removing limestone stains better

The limestone stains have become a limestone that must be eliminated by the dentist. Dentists suggest to receive examination and clean the teeth regularly. Because the limestone can accumulate in a difficult place Going to meet the dentist 2 times a year, it is very important

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How to prevent plaque

Oral hygiene care

To prevent bacteria in limestone stains, harm and gums The important thing is to clean the teeth every day, brushing the teeth 2 times a day for 2 minutes. And brushing the teeth after eating with sugar

Effective techniques for removing limestone stains while brushing teeth, suggesting the following methods:

The use of dental floss every day is important. Because the plaque can form in the Strait between teeth In addition, you should go to the dentist regularly to clean and check the dental health

Using mouthwash

Removal of bacteria between teeth can be done with mouthwash products. When mouthwash and use dental floss Can enhance the efficiency of mouthwash to reduce limestone and gingivitis

Mouthwash has many ingredients: Chlorhehe Sidin (CHX), probiotics, herbs and essential oils

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CHX is only available for prescription. Although it is effective in reducing the accumulation of limestone stains And overall gum health care But may cause teeth stains Increase the accumulation of limestone And change the food taste perception

If you need a mouthwash that does not cause stains Or other side effects may consider the mouth of the mouth with anybody or herbs


Products with cranberries will have polyphenols which can inhibit bacteria in the mouth. Which is likely to cause most tooth decay like Streptococcus Mutans and Streptococcus Sobrinus

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