How long does it take?


Filling is one of the foundation. Which is to repair the teeth that decay or destroyed Considered as a teeth that are not painful and not long time

In the US, people often find that people have tooth decay conditions. From the information of the National Institute of Health (National Institutes of Health) reported that about 92 percent of Americans aged 20 – 64 years, with tooth decay, thus helping to prevent additional decays and still the duty of the teeth to normal

Within this article, we will offer information about what will happen if you have to get toilet. Most of what is used as a tooth filling material. And the period of forming and returning back to normal after filling

What expected

Filling is a common teeth. At first, the dentist will check the oral check and use the tool to detect tooth decay. They may perform X-ray tooth to see all the damage of teeth

You may be injected only the gum area. To help prevent pain If the doctor fills the dental only, your dental skin may not need to use anesthetic

When that area The dentist will use the device like a drill. Drill through the enamel layer to remove the decay section. Khun Dam, you may use the laser or air polishing machine to penetrate. But rarely used

Then the doctor will disinfect and prepare for the filling and the material. Some teeth filling will be stiff or dry with blue light

Finally, the dentist will scrub the teeth and check that the teeth are correct or not

If the drug is exhausted You will feel a little toothache. Or know the color of the tooth after filling But will not have any pain To avoid food and hot or cold drinks after filling the first 1-2 days, but most can eat normally

How long does the filling?

In general, the filling will take about an hour or less. Normally, the filling will take about 20 minutes for large filling. Or filling many points may take a little longer

In addition, the dental filling period depends on the filling material used. May take longer Or have to come back to see a doctor again For example:

  • Resin filling materials will take a long time to fill the toilet. But finished in one time
  • Tooth filling materials that require mixing of that material May have to make an appointment to find to fill the teeth again
  • Using gold or porcelain in filling May be called another that embedding is not finished within the first time. Must have an appointment to see another doctor In the first step, it will clear the tooth decay and print teeth. To send to the laboratory to create dental filling materials When he came to see the next dentist, it would be completed in the filling material
  • In the repair or replacement of dental fillings Will spend enough time With the first tooth filling

    What are some types of dental fillings?

    The dentist will talk about the differences of materials that can be filled. Most popular as:

  • Silver tooth filling material Is a metal gam Which is a mix between mercury, tin, silver and copper. Such materials are more durable than color filling materials like teeth and are affordable compared to other materials. Some people may worry about the amount of mercury. But experts do not find clinical evidence that Amalgam fills are dangerous. Although being removed
  • Color filling materials like teeth (Composites) are mixed between glasses. Or particles of quartz And acrylic resin These are materials that are durable and the price is higher than the little metal
  • Gold filling material Is a mix between gold, copper and other durable materials But with high prices These materials make it look natural. Gold filling materials are usually made in the main laboratory from where the dentist has already typed your teeth
  • Ionomer glass filling material This dental filling material will have the same color as the teeth. But not durable. Which is made from acrylic and glass with fluoride components that can prevent tooth decay This type of dental materials are often used in children. And the price is higher than the filling with amalgam
  • Porcelain tooth filling material This type of dental filling is as expensive as a gold filling material. But looks natural Which was done in the main laboratory from the dentist to print your teeth successfully
  • There are reports from Kenneth Rothschild, DDS, who has over 40 years of dental experience than that the plastic has been implemented as a color filling material like teeth and more successful in helping for a few decades. Because the material is stronger, there are many colors and longer service life than expected

    “Color filling materials like teeth are not only used. But being used with jaw and heart valves” He said

    How long does it take to format the filling?

    The forming of the teeth that have been blocked depends on the dentist filling material

    There is a report of Rothschild that amulgam filling materials will be formed quickly within 1 hour.And full in 24 hours. If filling with this material Avoid eating a stiffness while waiting for a complete filling material

    The material fills the teeth like teeth and the ionomer glass. Often use light to forming By the thickness of the filling material for about 1-2 mm.Per floor, Rothschild said it will take about 2-20 seconds per floor

    Ceramic filling materials are molded with dental blue light waves

    When will disappear back to normal after filling the teeth?

    Most of the fillings disappear quickly without problems. After the medicine You will feel a little teeth. But it is something that can happen and will disappear within a few days

    “Metal tooth filling materials such as amulgam and gold Often have a teeth to the cold after the surgery is about 2-3 days or several weeks,” Rothschild said “Which these symptoms can occur very little compared to the color filling materials like teeth Or Iunity glass”

    You can reduce tooth sensitivity:

  • Use the other tooth to chew instead of the side that depends on the filling. In the first two days
  • Use brushing teeth and dental floss lightly than usual areas that depend on filling
  • Avoid hot or cold or cold drinks
  • Avoid acidic foods
  • Use toothpaste that reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Eating anti-inflammatory drugs that are not steroids (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug: NSAID)
  • Notify the dentist If you can’t chew Feel a long painful or teeth. The doctor will evaluate the tooth filled surface to make your chew better

    How long is the use of dental use?

    The work age of the teeth depends on your oral hygiene. Oral care will be able to extend the service life and prevent new tooth decay. The lifetime of dental filling varies depending on the filling material used

    Tooth filling materials have different lifetime. And it’s different in each person In general, the lifetime is estimated:

  • Amalgam filling material Lifetime of 5 – 25 years
  • Color filling material Lifetime is about 5 – 15 years
  • Gold filling material Lifetime of about 15 – 20 years
  • How to know that it’s time to fill your dental??

    Should go to meet the dentist regularly to check your dental health If you find tooth decay will be held in advance Because the faster is even better for your teeth The cavity caused by tooth decay will not destroy the teeth

    The alarm of the tooth decay is:

  • Sensitive tooth when eating or drinking hot or cold drinks
  • Sensitive tooth when eating or drinking beverages with sugar
  • toothache
  • There is a hole or a small point at the teeth
  • There is a teeth stain, whether white or dark
  • If suspected of having tooth decay To find a dentist for confidence They can tell if you should fill or treat


    The filling is very normal and not very hurt. Which such procedures often take about one hour, no complications

    Ask the dentist to the pros and cons of the filling material for your teeth. Also, you will also recommend the best way to take care of your filled teeth

    If you have dental insurance Check whether the insurance covers any type of teeth. Which your insurance may not cover expensive tooth filling materials

    Hygiene treatment in oral Will make the teeth dependent for many years

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