Tretinoin and Retin a are

Tretinoin is the same group as vitamin A acid. Or retinoid Active on skin cell growth Which is the same group as Retin A used for acne treatment Can reduce the number and severity of acne Helps acne faster And may be used to treat other symptoms according to the consideration of the doctor

The use of tretinoin has many forms. For example, cream and gel generally use once a day before bedtime. Or if severe symptoms may Consider using 2 – 3 times a day. However, should be used as the doctor ordered Or according to the label of the product The first phase of treatment Some people may crush the skin problem. But when used next, both skin and acne will gradually decrease. Often take time to maintain 2 – 3 weeks, but some people may take up to 6 weeks

How to use Reto A

  • Clean your hands
  • Wash the skin with acne with mild soap and wait for the dry acne area. Before using the medicine for about 20 minutes, if the instructions on wet skin can cause irritation
  • Use the fingertips or Cotton Bud to apply acne areas around
  • Should apply some should not be done too thick
  • Drug consumption Consider according to the label And strictly doctors If you have questions, we should always ask before using the drug
  • Tretinoin is an external drug. Used for skin Do not eat
  • Do not use drugs on the skin that is burning sunny. Or dermatitis
  • After use, the drug should wash your hands
  • Do not use other products that take medicine at least 1 hour
  • Trietinoin and Retin a help are just keeping the pattern. Patients can take care of other skin along with such as using sunscreen. And wear clothes to protect the skin from sunlight, etc
  • The use of retinol and tretinoin may take several weeks. Than the symptoms will improve If the symptoms do not improve Should inform the doctor
  • During drug use Symptoms of acne may be worse in the first period. For a short time, but over time The symptoms will be better
  • If irritation is severe Or symptoms of acne does not improve within 8-12 weeks. Hurry to see a doctor immediately
  • Should use the drug until the doctor ordered
  • Do not store gel tretinoin and Retin a cream type to the hot area. Or near the flame And close the lid to maintain the cleanliness of the product
  • Drug users do not smoke until the drug is dry. Or absorbs all the skin Because this type of medicine can be easily ignited

Tretinoin drug consumption

Tretinion is a retinion that requires control of the amount and duration of medical discretion. In general, drug use With the following details

Acne treatment using cream type gel and concentration solution 0.01-0.1% or Retin a Cream 0.05, apply the skin 1-2 times a day, should be used before bedtime. By cleansing the skin And make the skin dry before Between used should observe the response of the drug for about 6-8 weeks


Do not use TRETININOIN with other creams and acne treatment. Because it may cause more skin irritation Should avoid using soap and surface cleanser that is violent, such as wounds and products for some skin, such as waxing and hair removal products Or scrub products because Trietinoin will cause skin irritation And make the cell layer of the skin thin These skin care products may increase the effect on the skin. And will be even more severe if faced with strong sunlight

Side effects of tretinoin

  • Red skin And peeling
  • The skin is dry and irritating
  • The skin will be darker
  • Feel the pain that has more acne
  • The skin will swell and have an inflatable rash
  • When the skin is more red, the skin will be more red

How to reduce side effects from medicine

  • Avoid hot sunlight. Like the 10th period.00-14.00 If you need to meet the sun Should wear as many sunblocks Or apply cream to protect the skin from the sun with more than 30 SPF
  • Do not be more than the size that the doctor is designated. Or should not use the same actual drug at the same time
  • Should be used in conjunction with the cream that adds moisture to the skin

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