Precautions for Risperidone

Risperidone is

Risperidone (Risperidone) is a drug in the treatment of mental symptoms or antipsychotic. Has a nervous volume that is transmitted through the nervous system in an unbalanced brain Until causing various diseases such as schizophrenia, Porar and autism And used to treat various behavior problems in children aged 5 – 16 years and teenagers Which often changes the sudden mood, hurt yourself or aggressive, etc

Indication of Risperidone Drug

  • Use to treat mental symptoms Especially the schizophrenia (Schizophrenia) Both POSITIVE and Negative
  • Treatment of mood disorders with other mental symptoms
  • Treatment of brain disease patients With a behavioral disorder
  • Treatment of TOURETTE & # 39; S Syndrome

Risperidone medicine has caution

Notify the doctor or pharmacist before using medicine. When the patient has the following symptoms

  • Risperidone allergies or other drugs
  • Great pregnancy in the case of gestation near People who are likely to be pregnant Or breastfeeding For lactimants must stop for at least 12 weeks after using drugs. And if realizing that pregnancy while using drugs Should inform the doctor immediately Because the medicine may affect the newborn And do not stop using the drug itself
  • When getting surgery or oral cavity
  • The drug may result in unusual users to adjust the weather
  • While using risperidone drugs should not drive or work that requires meditation Because it may be harmed by side effects from drugs

Patients with illness or the following diseases should inform the doctor before using Risperidone

  • Used to have lower white blood cell problems
  • Dehydration
  • Unusual bone density
  • Is Phenil Keatuuria
  • Is liver disease or kidney disease
  • Parinson’s disease
  • Diabetes Or those who are at risk of disease, such as obesity or people in the family are diabetic
  • Is heart disease, coronary artery disease High blood pressure Abnormal heart rhythm Or have experienced a heart attack before using drugs shortly

The use of risperidone with certain drugs will result in slow breathing. Or may cause any harmful side effects Therefore should inform the doctor to use the following drugs

  • Cough
  • Pain relief drug
  • Muscle
  • Sleep pills, stress and drugs, reduce depression
  • Antiseptic drug

Risperidone Drug Side Effects

Risperidone Side Effect is

  • sleepy
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling the face
  • Unaware
  • squeamish
  • Add body weight
  • tired

If the symptoms do not improve Or have worse Should inform the doctor or pharmacist immediately

Dizziness And the dark face will increase the risk of falling Recommended to rise from the sitting position Or slow

Risperidone serious side effects

If the following symptoms occur Should inform the doctor immediately Because it is a violent side effect of Yaris Perrido

  • Vibrator
  • Swallow
  • Muscle shrink
  • Sleep apnea
  • The mood is not stable, such as anxiety, restlessness
  • Severe dizzy, dizziness or seizures

Other side effects of Yaris Perridon

Risperidone may result in higher blood sugar levels (difficult) may cause symptoms of diabetes. Or resulting in diabetics with worse Need to inform the doctor immediately If found that the blood sugar level is higher Often feel that hungry, frequent water, frequency, if being a diabetic patient Should regularly check the blood sugar level If found disorders Notify the doctor to adjust the diabetes. Or recommend exercise And eating for patients

Risperidone may result in increased body weight. And increase cholesterol levels Or triglycerides Which increases the risk of heart disease

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