Diseasure that is a disease leader (Disease from RATS)

Being biting or scratches may result in disease. And fever from mice And in addition, the urine of the mouse has a part in the spread of pee-rat disease. Which may result in liver and kidney damage

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), a viral infection will be sent through the saliva and urine of mice. May result in pleurisy from Limphocosim

I am an animal carrier of the most dangerous diseases in history. There is a cause when the punch from the rat is biting people. The punch in the hair is the cause of the medieval public disease. Which killed millions of people Since the spread of the disease, the disease goes up to the fish root and Han Ta virus. We should realize that I can cause harm to the health of humans

In addition, I am also the source of allergens as well. Mouse stools and fell hairs Causing sniping and other allergies

What are the contacts from me?

2 types of types of diseases, including diseases directly from the urine feces or scratches and indirect diseases to people, such as through fleas, ticks or

Direct disease from rat

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome: Is the virus that comes from rice rats as carriers This disease spreads in one way from three ways: inhalation of dust contaminated with urine or mouse Direct exposure to the stool or urine of mice And often due to being hit Which is considered a rather violent respiratory disease
  • Leptospirosis: Or that we call the pee disease Is a disease caused by bacteria Contact by touching through infected water By swimming, wading, kayaking, walking in the water Or by contaminated drinking water Those who are at risk of being infected with Leptos to Rosis more if they work outdoors or with animals
  • RAT-BITE FEVER: This type of fever can be contacted through bite or scratch. Including exposure to dead mice In the mouth of the mouse, there will be a secretion that contains bacteria. Spirillum Minus and Streptobacillus Moniliformis
  • Salmonellosis: Caused by food consumption or water that contaminates bacteria in mice stools
  • Indirect diseases by rat

  • Doctor: This disease is the carrier of mice. And contacted by punch in the blood process The house is the most common source of the public
  • Colorado tick fever: is a contact of the virus by biting the tick of a woodrat with a bunch
  • Leishmaniasis on the skin: This disease is a parasite that is contacted by the infected sand flies from eating seats
  • Hanta-Virus, the danger found from the mouse

    Some mice, such as mice, cotton or rice, rice is the carrier of Han Ta virus

    Hunta Viras resulted in fatigue and difficulty breathing. This disease will occur when we particles in the air with mice stools or urine

    The first symptom, Hunta virus may be misunderstood with the symptoms of influenza. The patient will suffer breathing problems. Which sometimes may cause life threatening if not effectively treated and up

    To avoid Han Ta virus We need to get rid of mice. Including nesting materials And all dead alpen animals out of the house Spraying areas that are suspected of antiseptic before cleaning To avoid contaminants floating in the air Wear gloves while dealing with animal carcasses. Or mouse And dizzy animals And wearing a hygiene that can prevent exposure of the diffusion of small particles from the information Or various misting, building characteristics should be able to breathable well But that does not mean that all kinds of caviles are carriers from Han Ta virus. Frequent disease carriers include mice, mice, rice, rice and white feet. However, everyone should use caution in dealing with mice. And various genius animals The best way should consult experts in eliminating these nodious animals

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