Preparing before the mara

Are you preparing for a rush? Spend several months for training and preparing before running. At the end of the rush training Many runners choose to reduce the distance to run very much in the previous week

After the training is hard Should just sit down Eat a lot of carbohydrates Such as large dishes But don’t be complacent Because many runners are often sick before running

This is the reason why And protection

Week, discount distance

Reducing the running distance is the last step in the rehearsal. Is a reduction of distance and training time to allow the body to rest and restore before race

This reduction period may be two or three weeks before the race. Your running distance will be greatly reduced in this period. According to the training schedule The final long running training should be completed before you reduce the running distance

Very important during the last week before the training of the mara That you still have to practice short-term and exercise In order to maintain the level of body strength on the day, the body should be relaxed and ready. Not slow and tired Many runners are often worried and practiced too hard. Instead of reducing training

Runners and immunity

In general, runners who run perfectly Those who practice the body and leading athletes are often very strong. This group of people will be less colds than those who do not exercise up to 60-90%

But a group of athletes that practice hard There may be a higher risk of infection in the upper respiratory tract. From the study, it was found that the runners were preparing to run Los Angeles. There is an infection during heavy and after the competition

why? Experts believe that the immune function may change and may be pressed. During the period of exercise, much and heavy The results of the study showed that during 3-72 hours after heavy training or competition The immune system may be pressed. Therefore risking infection easily

If reducing the run immediately after the training is hard Therefore explained why the runner is sick during this time But still need to have more education in this matter But however Very important to rest and abstain from the use of heavy body before and after the rush


Should consider reducing the run before the actual run And reduce exercise To make the body relax and stay

And this is a way to be healthy during the running distance

1. Do not eat too much carbohydrates

Food before running is important. Eating a lot of carbs in the previous week is a good thing. Because it will help increase the amount of glycogen in the muscles

Making energy for heavy competition But don’t give too much Because it will increase the weight from the water And it will make you run slower

Avoid by eating as many normally as possible Add bananas or small bread during meals To increase energy before the race should eat a balanced diet Is a quality carbohydrate in the right amount Protein and balanced fat

2. Don’t try new

You are going to run the mara This is not the time to try new activities such as skiing or bungee. You have to escape from activities that will make you hurt and let the body stay before the race

And avoid trying new food that never eat Because it may cause the stomach Eat normally for your intestinal stomach

3. Drink enough water

Before the competition should drink enough water Helps to make the performance better Low drinking water makes the running efficiency decreases. No alcohol Coffee and soft drinks

4. Avoid heavy training

Concerns before the competition is normal. Many people are concerned about how to practice enough or not to run the distance. Especially the first runner But should believe in training and the distance that runs Practice too hard before the match will make you tired and mind not stable before the competition

5. sleep

Very important to sleep enough in the week before running Body rest helps to recover from training. Even if you may be excited, I can’t sleep in the night before the race. But you will be refreshed the next day

When to run

After training for months It would be difficult for you to decide to withdraw because of sickness. But running while being ill, heavy or injured can be dangerous

Try using the neck is if there is a symptom above the neck. Such as runny nose, sore throat, you may not want to make yourself more risky by running But if there is more symptoms, such as the cold in the bronchitis or all over the body You should go to the doctor. If fever is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, stay home, do not regret There are many other running work that you will join if it’s good

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