What is the position of acne on the face? According to science

Acne is a skin problem

Acne face can often happen. What indicates? There is a belief that acne tells the disease caused by the problems of kidney or liver. But still not found scientific confirmation

But can apply science guidelines to determine the treatment of acne with external factors And the daily routine

Acne in front of the forehead

Acne, the area of ​​me on the forehead, there is another name that “Pomade Acne” Heavy hair oil And have mineral oil components This ingredient helps prevent natural oil. Or Sebum in the hair follicles disappear But will cause obstruction which is the cause of acne

If you find yourself as acne? The best solution is to stop using the styling products. Wash the face using the product. Or keep cleaning the hair with shampoo to keep clean Or choose to use products that do not cause pores clogging (Nonclogging)

Styling products that do not cause clogged acne problems Should be a product without cocoa butter, soil color, etc. as a component Try using a deep cleaning shampoo. To clean the pores And eliminate various residues. Case need to use hair styling spray Or dry shampoo Should protect the face by hand or towel

Acne at the cheek

Dirt is not only at the stool. Can find the traces of e. coli and other bacteria on the phone Make every time placing the phone with the face Then spread that bacteria to the skin May cause more acne problems Chronic acne on either face, so it is often caused by dirty phones, pillowcases and other behaviors such as like touching the face

Cleaning the smartphone regularly with disinfection wipes will help reduce acne. If using the phone regularly to work Try using a Bluetooth headset. Change the pillowcase at least once a week

Those who are acne on the cheeks should:

  • Wipe the smartphone before using every time
  • Do not bring the phone to the bathroom
  • Change the pillowcase at least once a week

Chin acne

Acne, chin and jaw is often caused by fluctuating hormone levels. For example, the lack of Thai hormone malaria Caused by too many androgen Until stimulating the oil gland And make too much clogged pores Hormones may increase during the monthly cycle (1 week before menstruation) or may hormones may change due to the use of birth control pills

Hormonal imbalance is also related to food. But there is no clearly confirmed scientific evidence

Some researchers believe that the health of the intestines affects acne. Because it will change the hormone level in the body For example, when eating with high carbohydrates Or products made from milk will increase hormones Suggest to control food By reducing sugar consumption Bread from white scrub, processed food and dairy products to reduce acne

Dermatologists can help create And improve the skin to help cope with acne that cannot be treated With a particular medication or acne treatment product

In case of acne at the chin and jaw

  • Food assessment should limit the amount of processed food or dairy products
  • Consider each type of food. To check whether there is an increase in the amount of hormones in the food?
  • Went to see a dermatologist for a specific treatment Especially the healing acne problems

Acne in front of the forehead and nose

In case of acne, the area of ​​the zone or acne that the nose is caused by the oiliness of the face. And stress By very stress Does not affect the oiliness of the face directly But will cause more severe acne And those who are not fully tend to be more acne

Stress and sleep is a major cause of acne. People with acne problems should try to meditate before bedtime. Or practice good sleep discipline Listening to music or exercise (1 minute) is a natural stress solution

How to treat acne on the face is to avoid contact with the forehead. People generally touch the face hundreds of times a day. The contamination of oil and dirt into the pores directly. If you have skin, it may try the cleansing product with the components of Salicylic Acid to reduce fat problems. Or choose to use the product suitable for each type of skin type

The need to consider acne position

When understanding the position of acne, it will help to understand the cause of the acne more clearly. But can not determine the solution only one way

And when changing the lifestyle And the daily routine cannot solve acne problems Should consult a dermatologist to determine the treatment guidelines Relieve acne problems and reduce the chance of scarring

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