Drug (Drug)

What is the drug or drug?

The addiction is symptoms occurring when you need at least one type of medicine. To work The use of drugs in the wrong way is the beginning of improper drug use. Which leads to drug addiction Which society We know that drug addiction is a severe problem

The difference between relying on drugs and addiction

Most people use these two words together. But actually is different

Addiction (addiction)

Addictions may occur without having to rely on drugs. By addicting the following matters

  • Still using drugs, even with the consequences
  • Can not stop using drugs
  • Neglect the obligation And work due to drug use
  • Dependence (Dependence)

    Rely on drugs without drug addiction Dependency can meet physically May mean, need to rely on drugs To control chronic diseases

  • High blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • glaucoma
  • Depending on the drug may be about

  • Is part of the addiction
  • Caused by the body to adapt to the drug Which leads to More or more often
  • The symptoms are withdrawn when stopping drugs
  • The penalty of drugs that lead to dependency

    The following is the cause of addiction

  • Have a family history addicted
  • Live in an illegal drug environment And easy to access
  • There is a lot of anxiety history
  • Have a history of depression
  • Have a history of other mental health problems
  • Jellinek Curve is a conventional track curve that has experience through the use of drugs from time to time. Dependence on abnormalities And rehabilitation

    These steps include

    1. Use medication for recreation But not often used
    2. Start using drugs regularly by Away from family and friends Worried about loss of medicine
    3. Want more drugs And obsessed with receiving these drugs Abandon your family and duty
    4. Need to rely on drugs And can not live without them, health, mind and bad body

    Drug problems that lead to dependency

    Will addictions become dependents? Can be viewed from behavior When someone is addicted to drugs, one may cause physical reactions. Is the withdrawal symptoms caused by the stress of the body With the following symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • depression
  • Mild muscle
  • Nightmare
  • Body ache
  • Sweat
  • squeamish
  • vomit
  • What are the drug addiction?

    When using the drug in the wrong way to depend on Need to be treated But the stop immediately may cause withdrawal symptoms The treatment is quite complicated. Drug addicts may need help from the medical removal of substances from the body. Which can be done as a patient in And outpatients

    Substances that mimic the effect of illegal drugs can help reduce drug withdrawal during treatment. Detox program using common therapy And medical treatment To reduce dependency And treat abnormalities from withdrawal symptoms And after treatment Still need to treat continuously until it is healed

    In the case of being intoxicated Or use overdose, need to be treated or treated before spreading

    Overview of the effects of drugs

    If releasing drug addiction without treatment Illegal dependence can be harmful. You want to increase the drug. Because your body adapts to more drugs Which is the result that the body wants to use overdose Until it may be old

    Treatment of dependence can be done. Sometimes treatment is successful for the first time. But the symptoms may be recurrent Continuous therapy And the support group will help successfully And can recover faster

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