Dry skin moisturizer (Home Remedies for Dry Skin)

Dry skin can occur from many factors. Whether the signal is in advance, skin conditions or environmental factors Dry skin may cause discomfort and itching. But there are many easy ways to treat dry skin at home

Using moisturizer for dry skin

There are many home supplies that we can use to alleviate dry skin. These things can be used as a moisturizer. Add moisture to the skin Something can even comfort the skin as well. The best way to use the moisturizer is to apply all over the skin. After showering and leaking into the skin

Sunflower seed oil

From the study, it was found that sunflower seed oil helped to increase moisture to the skin as well. When used as a moisturizer, the body surface And very suitable for the skin

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another natural oil. Suitable for use as moisturizer to the skin. Coconut oil is safe and effective, equivalent to petroleum gel. To treat dry skin and helps to increase moisture for the none skin and also have good effect on certain types of dermatitis Such as psoriasis

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Oat bath

Oatmeal is another natural ingredient that can help treat dry skin. Adding oat flour into the bath or using cream with oatmeal may help relieve dry skin. In addition, oatmeal extract has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants. Can help treat dry skin as well

Drink milk

Milk drinking can help relieve dry skin. But cannot be used with the skin There is research in animals that show that drinking milk or eating foods that contain milk ingredients can improve dry skin. Due to the fat in the milk called phospholipid Have the ability to help increase skin shelling There must also be additional research in humans


Honey has many benefits to skin diseases

  • Moisturize
  • Heal the wound
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • We can directly honey on the skin. Without causing irritation in any way

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    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera may help relieve dry skin. In people with dry skin at the hands or feet Can make aloe vera gel and wear socks or gloves covered all night When waking up in the morning, it will find that the skin is soft and moist

    Dry skin protection

    Applying skin cream and moisturizer regularly after the shower will help protect dry skin. In addition, we can protect dry skin by avoiding things that may cause dryness or irritation, including:

  • Being in the air conditioner too much
  • Too warm bath too often
  • Rub the skin too strong
  • Use lotions that contain alcohol
  • Skin contact with detergent frequently
  • When should you see a doctor?

    In general, dry skin symptoms may not be serious. And can easily keep the skin back to moisturize But if there are symptoms as follows Need to receive advice from the doctor immediately

  • The skin is red
  • With blood bleeding
  • Skin is infected with bacteria
  • Red swelling or pus may indicate bacterial infections. If suspected of infected skin Should see a doctor as soon as possible

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