Glipizide is what medicine

Glipizide (far pure) is a drug that is used to control the blood sugar levels of type 2 diabetes, which cannot control blood sugar levels by dieting. Therefore need to use this drug to control blood sugar levels without using insulin Because this type of medication will encourage the pancreas to create more insulin and help the body to use insulin effectively

Glipizide drug use

  • To eat glipizide for those who are overweight, adjust the behavior of eating. Should control food Should exercise regularly, refrain from cigarettes and algorh Should reduce stress
  • In the first 2-3 weeks, always go as the doctor appointment. To adjust the dose to suit each patient
  • Should prepare the drug to be ready and sufficient when traveling
  • Should reduce stress Because stress resulting in blood sugar control may be more difficult
  • If the injury fever is surgical or infected Should consult a doctor Because it may be necessary to receive blood tests Change the treatment plan Or change the medicine
  • Eating, not on time or eating May cause dizziness, dark and faint due to low blood sugar
  • Extreme exercise May cause faint as well Because the exercise that is overdoing may result in low blood sugar levels
  • Should not do dangerous activities or need awareness, such as driving, working related to machines If the face symptoms, dizziness, eyes are not clear or sleepy due to high or too low blood sugar

How to use glipizide

Normally, patients take medicine once a day. By taking the medication before eating 30 minutes breakfast and if it is a faster drug, prohibit deducting or dividing drugs. Because it will cause the efficiency of the drug to deteriorate Some patients Especially those who use drugs in high sizes May have to be divided into taking the medicine twice a day The dose depends on the medical condition. Responding to treatment The doctor may order you to start using the medication in a low size and gradually increase the dose. To reduce the risk of side effects from drug use Patients should follow the doctor’s instructions strictly. Which if you are using other drugs to treat diabetes first, such as chloropromide (Chlorpropamide) should stop using old medicine and start using distant medicine. By carefully according to the doctor’s advice And if using Colisellam (COLLESEVELAM) should take medicine far from the first 4 hours of Colosewalam, because Colisellam can reduce the absorption of distant medicine. And avoid eating this drug with alcohol Because it may cause redness Fast heartbeat, nausea and headaches

Patients should observe their symptoms regularly. If your symptoms do not improve or worse, such as your blood sugar level is too high or too low. Please notify the doctor

Glipizide drug consumption

  • To take medicine before breakfast, half an hour by eating once a day Which the initial size of the medicine is 2.5-5 mg by liver and elderly patients to take medicine only 2.5 mg can increase the size of the drug according to the amount of blood sugar of the patient. By the time that the medication should increase 2 times a day.5-5 mg only And has a period of 7-14 days to adjust the medication per day. More than 15 mg should be divided into 2 times. Patients should not be eaten more than 40 mg per day

How to forget to take glipizide

To be eaten as soon as you can imagine if close to the next time To take the next medication as usual without increasing the medication to 2 times

Precautions for using glipizide

  • Do not use glipizide drugs to treat type 1 diabetic patients
  • Let the doctor or pharmacist know what drugs are using. Both the medicine ordered the medicine to buy himself, herbs, vitamins or traditional medicine due to glipizide drugs, interact with many other drugs
  • Notify the doctor or pharmacist. If there is a history Ever allergic to drugs or allergic to the components of glipizide This drug may contain unrecognized components. Should consult a doctor before using medicine
  • Let the doctor or pharmacist know if there is a history of Sulfa drug. Or have other allergies
  • Let the doctor or pharmacist know about medical history. Especially patients with liver disease, thyroid disease, some hormone conditions such as adrenal insufficiency deficiency in the pituitary pituitary (Pituitary insufficiency). Inappropriate Secretion of Antidiuretic Hormone) ELECTROLYTE IMBALANCE Low blood sodium (hyponatremia)
  • If pregnant during the use of glipizide drugs, stop the medicine and see a doctor for instant advice
  • Avoid using glipizide medications in pregnant women because this drug affects the fetus. Causing the baby to have severe low blood sugar If needing to use medication for the treatment of diabetes while pregnant Or severe diabetes while pregnant Should consult a doctor about the benefits and risks to receive adequate use of this drug in managing blood sugar levels while pregnant Doctors may have to change the treatment plan for pregnant diabetes such as various diets, including insulin
  • Avoid using glipizide drugs in women who are in breastfeeding term. Because this type of medicine may be added to milk
  • Please consult a doctor or pharmacist. About the safety of drinking alcohol Due to drinking alcohol while using glipizide drugs Can increase the risk of low blood sugar Or in a rare case Alcoholic beverages may cause drugs and medicine. And causing severe symptoms Reaction like a Dusalfiram (Disulfiram-Like Reaction) and symptoms such as red pages, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain
  • Notify the doctor immediately if sunburns have a wound or redness on the skin. Because glipizide may cause the skin to react to more sunlight Should be less in the sun Always apply sunscreen And wearing sun protection clothes when outside
  • If glipizide is used, doctors or dentists know before surgery
  • Should be careful of using glipizide medications in the elderly because it may have more sensitive reactions to the side effects of glipizide, especially blood sugar conditions

Side effects from the use of glipizide

  • With easy blood bleeding, such as bleeding Nosebleed
  • Blood system has a low platelet Low white blood cells May have anemia
  • Low seal
  • Low blood sugar
  • Nausea, vomiting, boredom, tight, constipation
  • Hepatitis, dark urine, stool, yellow eyes, yellow eyes
  • The skin system has a rash
  • Easy to shake, fever, pale

When the side effects occur, what should I do?

  • Headache, sweating a lot, feeling dazed, shaking, disturbed heart, fast dance, fatigue, mouth or tea tongue, abusive eye is side effects caused by lower blood sugar than usual. To drink a nectar juice to make candy or sweep the dried fruit sugar to help increase blood sugar And should consult a doctor
  • Thirsty, unusual, frequent urination, hungry, dry mouth, dry skin, feel sleepy, do not see the breath, smell like fruit. Or weight loss Is the side effects caused by high blood sugar
  • Should immediately deliver the hospital if there is a dizziness like a wind
  • If there is a rash or red sunburn Eyes or skin with yellow, pale stool, dark urine, have a fever, sore throat, stop the medicine and see a doctor

Glipizide drug storage

  • Should keep the medicine at room temperature And keep the medicine in a dry place
  • Should keep the medicine from sunlight and moisture Should not keep the medicine in the bathroom or freezer
  • Keep the drug in the original container received. To prevent damage or deterioration
  • Some brands may have different storage methods. Should always check the drug label or inquire about the pharmacist

Caution in the treatment of glipizide

  • Should keep the drug from childhood and pet for safety
  • Should not leave Phayao Purex in the toilet Or pour into the drain Except if receiving advice from a doctor or pharmacist to do so
  • If the drug expires or does not require the use of drugs Should get rid of the drug in the correct way Ask from a doctor or pharmacist

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