Sleepy drowsiness


Although the sleepiness is an indication that people need to get rest But if there is a drowsiness all the time In addition to being refreshed Also affects the performance or difficulty in life The cause of drowsiness all the time If released May cause the problem to spread the life more difficult

Many people with drowsiness like this Often understand that the sleep is not enough. In fact, the drowsiness between that day can occur from many reasons. Both the behavior of sleepy people Or as a result of various health problems

The cause of sleepiness all the time

Late sleep

When we sleep late And must hurry to wake up early Would be a normal body that will feel fatigue And can sleep And sometimes sleep late, waking up, can not solve the sleepiness

Mental health problems

That mental health affects the body directly. If there is a bad mental health Feeling tired of life Or doing any activity, it results in not refreshing, fatigue and sleepy

Side effects from certain drugs

Many drugs such as allergic reactions The sedative has side effects, making the body feel exhausted. Can sleep all day Which patients can consider side effects from the label of the drug Symptoms may be even more severe if using medication for a long time. Or use inappropriate doses Sometimes eating sleeping pills before bedtime May not range to feel refreshed Because eating sleeping pills makes you want to sleep without nature Makes when waking up and still can’t be refreshed Gauze Can be like a normal sleep

Sleep disorders

Sleeping in an unusual manner, such as sleep apnea Changing sleep time Or strange sleep It is the cause of the day of sleep. Or sleep in a uncomfortable position, may not sleep

The period is very unusual

Many menstrual symptoms may cause sleepiness. Due to incomplete body circulatory system Thus causing fatigue And feel more sleeping

Drowsiness that is the cause of various diseases

Drowsy all the time, both mattresses, and yawning often, the frequency may be an indicative of the body. Or the condition of certain diseases as follows


This assumption may come from yawning often due to insomnia. Patients should observe their own sleep behavior. That the patient does not sleep as well or not, for example, waking up, waking up late at night often Feeling exhaustion and sleepy all day And no other illness


Is a symptom that affects the sleep directly Because the person who sleeps with a problem with the problem Causing not enough sleep Or not sleeping Makes not feel refreshed And often sleepy

Chronic fatigue disease

Is a disease caused by disorders of various systems in the current body, still unable to find a clear cause of what this disease is caused by But found that patients with chronic fatigue is often fatigue, weakness, ache And often can’t sleep at night When waking up early, it is not refreshing. And can feel sleepy all the time The doctor will diagnose this disease when the patient has more severe fatigue. For more than 6 months

Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease is caused by the abnormalities of the thyroid gland. Whether it is lack of thyroid hormone in the body Or with toxic thyroid conditions May cause the body to show the symptoms of the disease in the form of fatigue, flossing often until irregular


The cause of anemia is that the body lacks iron. Which iron is related to the body, feeling fatigue, fatigue as well


Sometimes drowsiness may come from side effects of diabetes. Because when the body has a high or low sugar level Will make it feel fatigued Especially the type 2 diabetes because it will have a frequent urination, unusually tired, tired, hungry, frequent water, eat frequently But the body weight is reduced The symptoms are not clear. The wound disappears slowly. Or tea symptoms at the end of the hands and feet


Insomnia is a sign of stress. Because the stress will result in various types of hormonal levels of the body and hormones, also affects other organs in the body, resulting in a whole day

Gluten allergy disease

Is those who are allergic to gluten protein When eating foods that contain gluten protein components Will cause allergic reactions that feel fatigue May have diarrhea And anemia Thus making it feel sleepy all the time

Ebvy infection

(Glandular Fever) or Mono-Closis disease (Mononucleosis) is a disease caused by viral infection that causes high exhaustion from fever. The lymph nodes are sore throat. Is a disease that can be cured The doctor considers the symptoms. And waiting for the body to eliminate the disease in nature Which usually takes a long time But if not healing, other infections are required to use antibiotics in additional treatment

The legs are not happy

(Restless Legs Syndrome) is a vibrating leg that cannot be controlled. And leg pain until Causing to not be able to sleep enough at night Can sleep in the afternoon

Treatment of drowsiness all the time

Editing to prevent drowsiness all day is to adjust the quality of sleep better. With the following methods

Adjust sleep behavior And wake up for a time The body of our people has a biological clock. If we do anything on a regular basis The body will remember that. Sleep behavior is also When we sleep And wake up for a continuous time Until the body was familiar Will have a better sleep quality Sleep without having to rely on sleep Is a sleep that makes it refreshed And should make it a habit

Adjust the new bedroom environment Sometimes drowsiness all the time The solution is to adjust the bedroom to suit sleep. Must understand what the body physiology while sleeping is Which by a very dark room will help to sleep completely Try to explore the bedroom. See whether the light from the outside comes in. Or not, such as lighting from the road or side house Should be adjusted by sticking curtains Or find the product to close the light The next thing to consider is the room temperature should be cool. Not too hot The room temperature should not exceed 27 degrees Celsius

Avoid alcoholic beverages. And not sleeping pills if not necessary Many people believe that drinking Will make sleep more comfortable Which is a misunderstanding because when drinking a lot of alcohol until you sleep without knowing Or sleep long all night Can not wake up in the morning Because alcohol disturbs the body’s sleep system And also make the body lose too much water Because it was replaced by alcohol So even easy to sleep But did not make it refreshed

Find out stressful activities before bedtime Perhaps with activities during the day May cause the brain to stop thinking Or not staying from stress, even when sleeping because the brain is still attached to the stress, the sleep is not enough, even if sleeping a lot, a good way is to meditate a moment before bedtime. Or reading books with lighter content before going to bed Or listen to light music, listen comfortably

Drink enough water Drinking enough water each day will make the brain and body feel refreshed. Reduce muscle tension and brain, reduce exhaustion that occurs during the day

Good exercise exercises should be done in the morning. Because exercise during this period will make the body alert Resulting in refreshing More and more and also make the body strong as well

If it is already edited Found that the symptoms did not improve may show that physical disorders Should see a doctor to diagnose the body To find out what is sleepy all the time

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