What is dwarf?

Dwarf is a medical condition or genetic condition that causes some people to have a short shape than the standard size of women or men. Dwarf, when growing into adulthood, the height is 4 feet or may be shorter

Word “Flesh” Is a word that is often liked to use “Dwarf” or “Dwarf” Word “Small man” There are often people using as well. Should be careful of words Words used to shape people with dwarf Because it is considered a matter that affects the feeling and has a negative effect on their lives

Type of dwarf

The cause of the dwarf has many different. But can be divided into two main categories, namely the shape of the shape type

Section type dwarf

Is the shape of the head size The body and the limbs are the same size. Only the size is smaller than the average size of the general person. We call this condition as a kind of shape

This type of dwarf is caused by hormonal depletion. Which can be treated with hormone injection in the childhood that is growing The result for people born to have dwarfs, the type is shape, as it may be able to have the height of the average or near the general people

Dwarf in which the shape is not

This type is the most common type in dwarf. The nature of this type is shape that is not proportional to each other. Drawstrings from bone disorders As a result, the arms and legs are shorter than the normal size of the general people. But the fuselage size is often not much effect. In some cases, the size of the head may not be as large as it may be larger than the general public

What is the cause of dwarf?

The researchers believe that there are more than 300 diseases that cause dwarf. Which is mostly inherited disease Which includes

Condo Preasury

Condo Preasury Is an inheritance disease Four in five people with this disease will have a parent with an average size. If you are such a condition, you may have one that has a mutental gene that is effective from the disease and another person has no effect from genes. Which is most often causing dwarf

Turner Syndrome

This disease is only effective with female. Instead of conveying the x 2 chromosomes from the father and mother You have been able to broadcast only one Xocho X. And lack the second Or may get the second one Compared to the male, there are chromosomes x x and chromosome y


The reason for the lack of hormone growth in that child is not clear. Sometimes it may be caused by the varieties of genes in many ways. The reasons for the Groot Hormone can not be diagnosed


Thyroid deficiency Especially if it happens during the childhood that is being developed Will be able to lead to many health problems Which includes limitations in growth Other complications include without energy. Intellectual ability and swollen face characteristics

Fetal growth slowly

This condition occurred while the child remained in the mother’s womb. Pregnancy may proceed to the end of the gestational age. But the child is usually smaller than the normal average Which results in the type of dwarf shape

Leaning and risk factors

Dwarfies are often caused by mutated genes. But there are one or more genes that contribute to dwarfs can occur a few ways

In some cases can happen Which may not happen because of the mutant gene convey from parents But on the other hand The mutation of the gene can occur by itself. – Doctors often do not know the cause of birth

Hereditary diseases have two forms. One is inferior Which means you get two mutant genes (One that comes from a father or mother) that is this disease The other one is dominant. You may only receive only one mutant gene. – From the father or mother – it can be a disease

Other risk factors for dwarf Including hormonal hormones or malnutrition There is no risk factor for hormone and can be treated well. Severe malnutrition may lead to weak muscle and muscle. Can be overcome by having good health Eat rich foods that are rich in nutrients

How can dwarfs be diagnosed?

Sometimes we can diagnose dwarfs from birth. Comes from the health examination of Your child should receive a high measurement and weighs to see and compare with the population average for children in the same age. If there is a lower proportion of growth standards, it may be one of the signs that pediatricians can diagnose dwarf

We can win since the baby remains in the womb. With ultrasa If suspected that the child looks dwarf or if there are parents with dwarf genes Doctors may recommend drilling amniotic fluid. Is a laboratory examination to see the water that is obtained from the mother’s womb

Potential complications

Dwarfs frequently occurs with health complications. Since the problem from the legs and after the brain and the function of the lung tissue

Most complications that occur with dwarf, non-conscious shapes are:

  • Bound
  • Arthritis
  • Humpback
  • There is a narrow in the lower spine. Resulting in the pressure on the spinal cord (Narrow spinal cord disease)
  • Spinal pressure at the base of the skull
  • Too many brain fluids (Paula in the brain cavity)
  • Sleep apnea
  • The development of the infestional skills in late
  • The weight can be added to the spine and joints
  • Pregnant women with people with dwarf may cause complications. Which includes respiratory problems Often need to be abdominal cesarean Because the size of the pelvic floor is not suitable to give birth to the vagina

    For people with dwarf type with equation The development of bad organs can lead to clear health problems

    Disease management

    The dwarf is a condition that cannot be maintained or correct. However, there are some treatments that may help reduce the risk of complications

    Therapy hormone

    For people with glory hormones Synthetic enemy hormone injection may help. Kids that are treated may not be able to make it high according to the general standard average. But may have a similar height

    Treatment, including injections every day, when still children Which must be injected continuously until the age of 20 years, which may be done if feeling worried about full growth in adults and having sufficient muscle and fat

    Women who are Turner syndrome need to receive estrogen therapy and other hormones that help stimulate fertile ages and appropriate female development. Estrogen treatment may be needed until the woman steps into the menopause day

    Surgical options

    Other dwarfs may need to be treated with surgery and will help to make life longer. Have a better life

    Surgical therapy may be considered in the following matters:

  • Edit the direction of bone growth
  • The spine is stable
  • Increase the channel in the spine around the spinal cord to relieve the cerebrospinal pressure
  • Physical therapy and body accessories

    Physical therapy and body accessories is to solve that does not create a pain for certain complications of people with dwarf. Physical therapy is often ordered by a doctor after the limbs or after getting surgery to help you refresh or make movement better and strong. Physical therapy may be recommended in people that dwarfs affect walking. Or causing pain that does not need surgery

    Accessories is a device that is made to fit your shoes. To help better work and health If the dwarf is sent to the balance, how to walk or the problem of other feet Consult with the dianians to how to use the accessories that may help you

    Living with dwarf

    Having to deal with being mentioned and disgusting from society is difficult. They have to find a challenge every day that comes with the lifestyle of people with dwarf

    Learn the lifestyle in using the corner, turn off the ball, close the door and other things in your own home. There may be information and sources about special tools or devices that can be used and can be adjusted to the car. At school or work

    For children with dwarf Must find a very difficult challenge Parody Being bullied and even misunderstanding about the condition that may cause problems

    You should encourage children to be brave enough to talk about feelings or other anxiety


    People with dwarfs are often longevity. This will not affect the ability to go to school or work. Can have a family or happy with all the things of life that have been presented

    However Dwarf conditions can lead to other severe complications. The important thing is to go to the annual physical examination and see the necessary expertise. To be ready, deal with health and quick response to change in your important symptoms

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